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Filming Your Research

Filming Focus Groups, Audio and Video Recording

Sometimes it is not feasable to get into a research venue, focus groups are often held in hotels or recruiter houses as a viewing facility could be a 50 mile round trip in some parts of the Country

At the Stream Team Network, we can create a video relay from one room to another, record the proceedings in a high quality video file and broadcast the group out of the building to remote viewers anywhere in the world,

Most venues that we stream from have a broadband connection which can sustain a decent stream. With our newer video and audio codecs, we can even stream using a mobile phone network connection so this means that we can stream from a plethora of different places including:

Hotels - Viewing Facilities - Meeting Rooms - Homes - Offices, Pretty much anywhere

£400 is our starting price for Filming a focus group wih an onsite technician. For a quote for your next project, please get in touch.