Brief Introduction

May I take this opportunity to introduce our transcription service to you?

The Adkins Research Group have enjoyed twenty years working within the Market Research sector and as such consider ourselves well versed at working in this industry. As a company we process and analyze over 17,500 interviews per annum being both medically and consumer orientated.

Experience can't be taught and we have plenty of it with long term operatives remaining within ARG for many years. We understand our business and our clients, and in return for the confidence they place in us we produce a product that is of the highest quality at very competitive rates.

You now have a brief idea of how we operate but the proof is always in the end product and I strongly suggest you give ARG a try. We look forward to hearing from you with your next project.


Transcription Costs (Per audio minute) 1hr 1.5hr 2hr
Mini Group (3/4)
Group (5/6)
Group (6-10)

Please contact us for additional pricing information.


Benefits of Transcription

Transcription offers several advantages to researchers who consider using it. In particular, out-sourcing transcription benefits as below:

  • Outsourcing your transcribing gives you additional manpower and resources, that can be diverted to other tasks
  • No need for in-house transcription team
  • Using outsourced transcriptions you eliminate the need for dedicated IT support and additional expenses for specific transcription software/hardware, and less time is taken up by your stretched IT team
  • Time saved on training staff

We also offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • Secretaries that are experts in medical terminology and transcription
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Correspondence
  • Excel Spread Sheets
  • Data Entry
  • In the process of obtaining Investors In People (IIP)


"As well as the team being efficient and friendly their subject knowledge is second to none..."

"The transcripts were completed earler than I expected."

"An excellent service!"