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The Stream Team Network

Keeping Streaming Costs Sensible®

Since 2007

"The Stream Team Network" is the live focus group streaming service. Allowing anyone who needs to, be able to securely remotely view projects from wherever they need to be. Wherever there is an internet connection, and whenever.

The Stream Team gives you an exceptional and cost-effective way to offer your clients live streaming at a much lower cost compared to major competitors in the market.

Booked a hotel and need video relay, (an additional viewing option), we can offer that service and broadcast it live to stakeholders anywhere in the world.

Have a last-minute focus group in a recruiter’s house? We can live broadcast those groups to whoever needs to the see them, record them to a secure archive so your client in a different time zone can watch them later.

We have been successfully streaming since 2007, and we have now redesigned our service to work on all devices.

We now offer a completely redesigned User Experience with additional archiving options for on demand viewing with improved quality.

"Facility Streaming Offered at Reduced Rates"

We are supporting our network by offering streaming from £300 per session, please click on the image for more information as to how we are assisting our Network of Facilities.

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The "Stream Team" will save you time, money and while supplying you with a high quality secure service.