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The Stream Team

Here is a chance to put a face on the people that you speak to on the telephone.

Pez Demetriou

Pez's role with the team at the Stream Team Network is usually the first port of call when someone asks if we can do something. He tends to say yes¯ much to the annoyance to the rest of the team. In his spare time he can be found tearing round Sutton Park on his mountain bike or cleaning out his chickens!   Having said that he is now left with one called Ocean.


Giorgio Bongiovi

Giorgio joined the team in 2017 and has got stuck into the Stream Team Network Role! He has en eye for detail and will not let anyone polish his car. In his spare time he is on his PS4 or looking for a Burger Challenge.  


Brian Adkins

Brian is a field technician with many years experience and he spends his spare time in the South of France drinking Ricard.