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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the delay between what is being said and what is being heard?

A. We have seen a delay of up to 15 seconds from what is happening live and what is being watched, it all depends on the amount of bandwidth that is available at the venue and where the event is being interpreted.
Q. Does the audio match the video?

A. Of course, our solution has a Snap to LiveĀ® feature that ensures that when you select your language choice you will always see what is happening now.
Q. What about the archiving, surely you can't have all those languages archived as well?

A. Well we can, once the event has finished, an archive is available for other interested parties to watch. As long as they have been furnished with the appropriate room link, room key and pin they can watch the stream as it happened in the language of their choice, simply click and watch.
Q. OK so when can I start to use this service?

A. Our service is currently available in the most of the facilities listed in the Stream Team Network, facilities page. We are looking to add facilities all the time, if there is a facility that you would like to us to approach, please let us know, we will be happy to install our equipment there.
Q. So it will only work in Viewing Facilities?

A. No, we have also developed a portable version that can go anywhere where there is a broadband connection.
Q. Who provides the interpreters?

A. Some clients can source their own but we can source them as well from our partners at who are the first to receive the coveted British Standard EN-15038 for quality.
Q. Can you tell me how it works?

A. No
Q. Can I have demonstration?

A. Of course you can, please let us know when you are free for a demo and we will be happy to revolutionise the way you conduct your Global Research from now on.

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